August 5th   MetLife Stadium, New Jersey

August 5, 2014 
New Jersey

Harry Styles Metlife Stadium 8/4/14

Toronto, Canada - 8/01

Dear Remaining Followers,

I want to start off by saying thank you for stick around my inconsistent-fangirl-self. I have been very busy this entire past year due to school, ex-boyfriends, two jobs, not trying to turn on the dinosaur computer of mine (but now I have a MacBook so we all good bro), blah blah.. To put it in short terms: life. I mean haven’t we all? I think that’s why most of you are still following me because if you were active on your accounts, I doubt you’d still be following a mute like myself.

Any who… I have attended my 4th One Direction concert on Monday. Dear Lord, bless my mother’s soul for such amazing seats. The closest i’ve been and probably will ever be. I was so happy that day and so depressed the minute the boys said bid their goodbyes to the crowd. Goddamn I love One Direction so much. If I didn’t I would not be here writing this and trying to resurrect this account. Plus you gotta admit this is a pretty good URL.

I don’t know how many of you have been reading my fanfic or have even known I had been writing one a year ago but yeah I HAVE A FANFIC! I have read several in the past year because I always like to pretend i’m the character and Harry Styles is falling in love with me. So i’ve been thinking, since this is my last year in high school and my last year to live it up and go crazy but still try to prepare for college and do better in school, i’m deciding to continue and start re-writing my old fanfic, edit it around, change the story line and some names.. include some friends and any of you who are interested to feel like one of the boys is falling in love with you. I am also going to start a new one. And this time I will not give up on it. From start to finish, you have my word.

I hope I did not just waste my time by talking to myself, and at least someone reads this.

My page will remain like this until I can find a new layout and theme and get some inspiration.

Love, Keleyna

P.S. I’ve just realized some of this might not have made sense because I have this problem where I don’t get to write all my thoughts out in the first try but you get the gist of it.

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Midnight Memories photoshoot +

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